Annual Report2008

Strengthening International TiesZenkyoren’s international activities include serving as a member of the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), a worldwide association of cooperatives, and as a member of the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation(ICMIF), a special committee of the ICA. We also serve as the secretariat of ICMIF's Asia and Oceania Association (AOA).As the AOA Secretariat, Zenkyoren provides these opportunities for the promotion of information exchange among members in different countries, improving understanding of insurance, and supporting the development and expansion of cooperative insurance organizations. Zenkyoren supports these events through its participation in ICMIF and AOA activities.In addition, Zenkyoren actively engages in personnel exchanges with cooperative insurance organizations, aiming to promote information exchange and better mutual understanding. Zenkyoren’s Contribution to AOAFor more than 20 years since the foundation of the associationin 1984, directors of Zenkyoren have served as chairmen of theAOA, and Zenkyoren has also served as its Secretariat. These are examples of Zenkyoren’s contribution to the cooperative and mutual insurance movement in Asia and the Pacific region.AOA ActivitiesAOA General Meetings are held once every two years to discuss the association's policy direction, financial position, operations and so on. AOA seminars for executives and senior managers, and AOA forums – mainly for the staff of member organizations – are held every two years for the purposes stated above such promoting information exchange.AOA SeminarINTERNATIONAL INITIATIVESANNUAL REPORT 200810Global PartnershipICAInternational Co-operative AllianceAMENA Association Middle East and North AfricaICMIFInternational Cooperative andMutual Insurance FederationAMICEAssociation of Mutual Insurersand Insurance Cooperatives in EuropeAAC / MIS Americas Association of Cooperativeand Mutual Insurance SocietiesAOAAsia and Oceania Association(46 members from 15 countries)Special CommitteeRegional Associations