Annual Report2008

Health Care and Social ActivitiesAs a complement to our insurance operations, Zenkyorenprovides a host of human welfare services aimed at promotingbetter health and well-being for cooperative members and others in the community.Health CareTo help our cooperative members enjoy better health and longer lives, Zenkyoren promotes health exams and medical checkups aimed at the early detection of disease.Members can obtain information and advice from the Zenkyoren Health Care and Nursing Care Helpline.We also organize campaigns aimed at raising awareness of health issues and encouraging members to follow healthier lifestyles. We also provide support for health-oriented activities, such as the “Rainbow Exercise” program that we developed.The Nakaizu and Beppu Rehabilitation CentersIn 1973 Zenkyoren established rehabilitation centers in Nakaizu (Shizuoka Prefecture) and Beppu (Oita Prefecture), for people with physical disabilities as a result of traffic accidents or other mishaps. The centers provide a wide range of services, including physical rehabilitation, occupational therapy, and socialization training. Our comprehensive range of human welfare and rehabilitation services makes a positive contribution to the lives of members in need of help.Service DogsWe support activities to train and familiarize “service dogs” to assist those with disabilities as a result of traffic or other accidents with everyday tasks. Although it is reported that the number of those who need assistance from service dogs is approximately 15,000, the number of officially recognized service dogs remains a mere 41 nationwide (as of May 2008).Through providing research support to the Japanese Service Dog Resource Academy, Japan’s only such academic organization, business support to Support Dog Association, and conducting activities to promote understanding towards acceptance of service dogs, we help those with disabilities become independent and participate in society.Actively Working on Traffic Safety CampaignWe participate in the national traffic safety campaign staged in spring and autumn, and from July to September every year we run the Zenkyoren National Traffic Safety Campaign. In this campaign, we link up with local government bodies, the police, and others and make a positive contribution to local traffic safety campaign by holding traffic safety classes, distributing traffic safety posters and other materials, handing out reflective night seals to the elderly and others, and donating hats and traffic safety booklets to kindergarten and primary school pupils.Service dog support poster(Photos by Japanese Service Dog Resource Academy)Service dog fetching a newspaperThe Nakaizu Rehabilitation CenterThe Beppu Rehabilitation CenterSOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIESANNUAL REPORT 200812