Annual Report2008

Printed in Japan on Recycled PaperRhododendrons at the Ninnaji Temple(Kyoto)The Ninnaji Temple in Japan’s ancient capital of Kyoto is famous for its mitsuba tsutsuji variety of rhododendrons. At just the right season, in the grounds of the temple, late-blooming varieties of cherry blossom and early-blooming rhododendrons combine and compete to produce a brilliant and beautiful scene.• Scientific name: Rhododendron dilatatumAkasaka Twin Tower East, 2-17-22 Akasaka,Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8530, JapanTel : +81-3-5215-9108 (International Affairs Division)Fax : +81-3-5215-9484E-mail : intl-aoa@ja-kyosai.or.jpWebsite :