Annual Report2008 3/24

Annual Report2008

1ANNUAL REPORT 2008ZENKYOREN’S VISION Zenkyoren's Basic Medium-to-Long-Term ObjectivesIn its three-year business plan covering the period FY2007-2009, the National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives, known as Zenkyoren, has declared its medium-to-long-term business objectives, as well as its basic operating philosophy, as detailed below. Zenkyoren is working to ensure the provision of a reliable service giving comprehensive security and full satisfaction to its cooperative members and customers.Our Medium-to-Long-Term Business ObjectivesExpanding our organizational and business bases by strengthening ties of trust and cultivating new partnersWe work to ensure the livelihoods of policyholders, expand our mutual aid network to include new partners, and encourage agricultural cooperatives members to understand and participate in cooperative activities.Basic StrategiesZenkyoren offers a full range of comprehensive insurance products and services to cater to the diverse needs of its cooperative members, customers and communities. At the same time, we practice rigorous legal compliance and conduct our business operations with integrity.In fiscal 2008, the middle year of our three-year business plan, we have assigned priority to the achievement of the following five tasks. 1. Strengthening initiatives to build long-lasting ties with members and customers and find new partners2. Upgrading our support for agricultural cooperatives3. Contributing to more sophisticated business planning and management for agricultural cooperatives and the prefectural headquarters 4. Improving our response to the privatization of the postal life insurance system and the complete deregulation of direct sales of insurance policies by banks5. Further improving Zenkyoren’s reputation for trustworthinessProfileZenkyoren (the National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives) was founded in 1951 to create “mutual aid” through cooperation under the motto “one for all, all for one.” The JA Group (Japan Agricultural Cooperatives), to which Zenkyoren belongs, conducts a variety of businesses and provides a wide range of services through its societies (agricultural cooperatives). Zenkyoren is responsible for the JA Group’s agricultural cooperative insurance business.Number of employees: 6,167 (as of March 31, 2008)The fundamental goal is to assist members in establishing stable and secure farming and higher standards of living by insuring them against accidental loss of life and property damage. We meet this goal by offering both life and non-life insurance.Zenkyoren continues to strengthen cooperative relationships with local primary societies to provide members with improved services and a greater sense of security.