Annual Report2008

The JA Group is unique in its ability to provide life and non-life insurance, thus offering comprehensive coverage to match each member’s lifestyle.Coverage can be divided into two basic types, long-term and short-term insurance. The kinds of insurance offered are outlined below.Insurance Offered• Comprehensive Life Insurance 1. Whole Life Insurance 2. Endowment Life Insurance 3. Term Life Insurance 4. Annuity Insurance 5. Children's Insurance 6. Cancer Insurance 7. Medical Insurance 8. Term Medical Insurance• Group Term Life Insurance• Fixed-Amount Life InsuranceLIFE INSURANCELONG-TERM INSURANCE(five or more years)SHORT-TERM INSURANCE(less than five years)NON-LIFE INSURANCE• Building Endowment InsuranceItemType“Life Advisers” – Trained Insurance ConsultantsLife Advisers Representing the Primary SocietiesInsurance schemes are becoming more sophisticated and complicated at the same time that customer needs are becoming more varied. In this environment, customers need someone they can turn to for helpful, accurate information.The primary societies have been meeting these needs since fiscal 1994, when they began training “life advisers.” As of the end of March 2008, 21,786 life advisers have been helping customers throughout the country. Life advisers not only serve as a pipeline between customers and the primary societies, they also provide sound advice and information on all aspects of members’ insurance needs from the members’ standpoints. In addition, they undertake a host of activities aimed at ensuring total customer satisfaction.For advice and information related to insurance, members are encouraged to visit the nearest primary society or the customer service section at the headquarters, or to simply call on the phone.• Automobile Insurance• Automobile Liability Insurance• Fire Insurance• Cooperative-Owned Building Fire Insurance• Personal Accident Insurance• Liability Insurance• Volunteer Comprehensive InsuranceTYPES OF INSURANCE ANNUAL REPORT 20086