Annual Report 2009

HISTORY21ANNUAL REPORT 20091947 • Agricultural Cooperative Society Law enacted1948 • Agricultural Mutual Insurance business started in Hokkaido1951 • National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives (Zenkyoren) established • Launched operation of Cooperative-Owned Building Fire Insurance1952 • Launched operation of Endowment Life Insurance1953 • Launched operation of Building Endowment Insurance1955 • Launched operation of Fire Insurance1958 • Completed establishment of 46 Prefectural Federations, one for each of the prefectures in Japan (with the exception of Okinawa, then under U.S. jurisdiction)1961 • Launched operation of Children’s Insurance1962 • Launched operation of Group Term Life Insurance1963 • Launched operation of Automobile Insurance1964 • Joined the insurance committee of International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)1966 • Launched operation of mandatory Automobile Liability Insurance1969 • Opened Atsugi Staff Training Center in Kanagawa prefecture • Launched operation of Personal Accident Insurance1972 • Established Okinawa Prefectural Federation • International Cooperative Insurance Federation (ICIF) was derived from ICA and Zenkyoren became a member of ICIF1973 • Opened Nakaizu and Beppu Rehabilitation Centers in Shizuoka and Oita prefectures1974 • Online network system between National Federation and Prefectural Federations went into operation • Launched operation of long-term Life Insurance1980 • Launched operation of Agricultural Machinery Insurance • Launched operation of Agricultural Machinery Endowment Insurance1981 • Launched operation of Annuity Insurance1983 • Launched operation of Whole Life Insurance1984 • Opened Zenkyoren Automotive Training Center in Kanagawa prefecture • Asia and Oceania Association (AOA) was set up as a regional association of ICIF1985 • Opened Zenkyoren Osaka Center in Osaka prefecture1988 • Established Zenkyoren Automotive Training Center Co., Ltd. • Established Zenkyoren Asset Management of America, Inc.1989 • Launched operation of Liability Insurance • Online network system for local Agricultural Cooperatives went into operation • Established Zenkyoren Europe Limited1990 • Launched operation of Group Endowment Insurance1992 • ICA/ICIF held International Congress in Tokyo1993 • ICIF changed its structure and was renamed ICMIF (International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation)1994 • Set up Health Care Helpline • Opened Ishioka Center in Ibaraki prefecture2000 • National and Prefectural Federations integrated2001 • Formed business alliance with The Kyoei Fire & Marine Insurance Company, Limited2002 • Launched Zenkyoren Happy & Dream Club (Membership club for policyholders) • Launched operation of Cancer Insurance • Launched operation of Defined Contribution Annuity Insurance • Supervisory Board System introduced2003 • The Kyoei Fire & Marine Insurance became a subsidiary • Launched operation of Medical Insurance2004 • Opened Kawasaki Center in Kanagawa prefecture • AOA’s 20th anniversary event held in Tokyo2005 • Opened Zenkyoren East and West Japan Underwriting Centers in Kanagawa and Osaka prefectures • Insurance Agency system introduced2006 • Opened Makuhari Training Center in Chiba prefecture2007 • Launched 3Q Visit Project (person-to-person visits to all members and policyholders)2008 • Launched a new type of single-premium Endowment Life Insurance for policyholders with reaching maturity