Annual Report 2009

JA GROUPGuidanceMarketingandPurchasingCreditInsuranceWelfareZENCHUCentral Union ofAgricultural CooperativesZENKYORENNational Mutual Insurance Federation ofAgricultural CooperativesZENKORENNationalWelfare Federation ofAgricultural CooperativesCHUOKAIPrefectural Unions ofAgricultural CooperativesNational LevelPrefectural LevelZEN-NOHNational Federation ofAgricultural Cooperative AssociationsKEIZAIRENPrefecturalEconomic Federations ofAgricultural Cooperatives737AgriculturalCooperatives(Primary Societies)as of July 1, 2009Local Level9.4 millionMembersas of March 31, 2008SHINRENPrefectural Credit Federations ofAgricultural CooperativesKOSEIRENPrefecturalWelfare Federations ofAgricultural CooperativesThe large triangle of the JA logo represents nature and the earth, while the small triangle represents a person. The circle on the leftsymbolizes the wealth of farming and the fruits of the harvest, as well as the harmony of people based on a spirit of cooperation.Organizational Structure of the JA GroupNORINCHUKIN BANK(Central CooperativeBank for Agriculture,Forestry and Fisheries)5ANNUAL REPORT 2009