Annual Report 2010 15/24

Annual Report 2010

Cultural ActivitiesIn order to convey the spirit of cooperation, the so-called “mutual assistance” to elementary and junior high school students, nurture creativity, and let as many people as possible feel the importance of traffic safety through raising awareness of the Japanese culture of calligraphy and art education, Zenkyoren has sponsored calligraphy and traffic-safety poster contests to help reduce traffic accidents. In fiscal 2009 we held our 53rd calligraphy contest and our 38th traffic safety poster contest. Both contests are the largest of their kind. Students across the country submitted over 1,370,000 entries to the calligraphy contest and more than 160,000 entries to the traffic safety poster contest.Musical on Traffic Safety Since the aging trend is more prominent in farming communities than in urban communities, we provide a traffic safety course which combines exercises easy enough for anyone and laughter, based on our newly developed original programs for senior citizens, “Traffic Safety Rainbow Exercise” and “Traffic Safety Comic Monologue.” Since 2008 we have been offering advice on safer driving, using special vehicles equipped with driving simulators, based at eight locations around the country. Participants can learn the do’s and don’ts of safe driving through simulations of situations with a high accident probability.Nationwide Tour to Show Musicals on Traffic SafetyFrom fiscal 2004, we began sponsoring musical-style traffic safety classes targeted mainly at kindergarten children and their guardians. In this musical, children can experience a pedestrian crossing on the stage. While the barrier between the audience and the stage is dissolved to create a single space, the program gives children an opportunity to effortlessly learn traffic safety rules.Traffic Safety Poster ContestFiscal 2009 Calligraphy ContestRightFull BloomLeftGreat Earth  ANNUAL REPORT 2010 13