Annual Report 2010

GuidanceMarketingandPurchasingCreditInsuranceWelfareZENCHUCentral Union ofAgricultural CooperativesCHUOKAIPrefectural Unions ofAgricultural CooperativesNational LevelPrefectural LevelLocal Level719 Agricultural Cooperatives(Primary Societies)as of July 1, 20109.5 Million Membersas of March 31, 2009KEIZAIRENPrefecturalEconomic Federations ofAgricultural CooperativesSHINRENPrefectural Credit Federations of Agricultural CooperativesZEN-NOHNational Federation of Agricultural Cooperative AssociationsNORINCHUKIN BANKCentral Cooperative Bank for Agriculture, Forestry and FisheriesZENKYORENNational Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural CooperativesKOSEIRENPrefecturalWelfare Federations ofAgricultural CooperativesZENKORENNationalWelfare Federation ofAgricultural CooperativesSupervisory BoardBoard of DirectorsCompliance OfficerDeputy Compliance OfficerBoard of AuditorsExecutives Responsible for Compliance DepartmentsCompliance DepartmentsDepartment Executives and ManagersNational HeadquartersCompliance Officer of Prefectural HeadquartersDeputy Compliance Officer of Prefectural HeadquartersPrefectural HeadquartersInternal Audit DepartmentReporting/Liaison RouteInspection RouteOrganizational Structure of the JA GroupExecutives and Managers of Each DepartmentOur business is strongly society-oriented by nature. This is why we emphasize compliance as an integral part of our business management.In advancing its approach to compliance, Zenkyoren has assigned a Compliance Officer and established compliance departments, with the latter responsible for a range of activities covering overall planning and proposals to adjustments and promotion.  Furthermore, each prefectural headquarters has been assigned a Compliance Officer of Prefectural Headquarters (general manager of the prefectural headquarters), with Deputy compliance Officers (general managers) and responsible managers posted at the departmental level. Every executive and employee strives to ensure that day-to-day operations at their respective worksites take place in strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Compliance Approach at Zenkyoren   ANNUAL REPORT 2010 05