SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIESHealth Care and Social ActivitiesTo complement our insurance operations, Zenkyoren provides a host of human welfare services aimed atpromoting better health and well-being for cooperative members and others in the community.Health CareTo help our cooperative members to enjoy better health and longer lives, Zenkyoren promotes health exams and medical checkups aimed at the early detection of disease.Members can obtain information and advice from the Zenkyoren Health Care and Nursing Care Helpline.We also organize campaigns aimed at raising awareness of health issues and encouraging members to follow healthier lifestyles. We also provide support for health-oriented activities, such as the “Rainbow Exercise” program that we developed.Support for the Deployment of Helicopter Emergency Medical ServicesZenkyoren supports the widespread deployment of helicopter emergency medical services. These helicopters with doctors on board were assembled from all over Japan in response to the Great East Japan Earthquake. They were instrumental in rescuing patients from stranded hospitals and contributing to the relief of disaster victims.Traffic Safety Course for Senior CitizensIn light of the increasing number of traffic accidents that involve senior citizens, Zenkyoren promotes the education of senior citizens in traffic safety measures to reduce the incidence of such traffic accidents.Since the aging trend is more prominent in farming communities than in urban communities, we provide a traffic safety course that combines exercises easy enough for anyone and laughter, based on our newly developed original programs for senior citizens, “Traffic Safety Rainbow Exercise” and “Traffic Safety Comic Monologue.”Since 2008 we have been offering advice on safer driving, using special vehicles equipped with driving simulators based at seven locations around the country. Participants can learn the do’s and don’ts of safe driving through simulations of situations with a high accident probability.Service DogsWe support activities to train and familiarize “service dogs” to assist those with disabilities as a result of traffic or other accidents with everyday tasks.Through providing research support to the Japanese Service Dog Resource Academy, Japan’s only such academic organization, business support to Support Dog Driving simulationService dog fetching a newspaper (photo by Japanese Service Dog Resource Academy)Helicopter emergency medical services10 ANNUAL REPORT 2012