Traffic Safety Poster ContestFiscal 2011 Calligraphy ContestRightLush GreeneryLeftEchoThe Nakaizu Rehabilitation CenterThe Beppu Rehabilitation CenterAssociation, and conducting activities to promote understanding towards acceptance of service dogs, we help those with disabilities to become independent and participate in society.The Nakaizu and Beppu Rehabilitation CentersIn 1973 Zenkyoren established rehabilitation centers in Nakaizu (Shizuoka Prefecture) and Beppu (Oita Prefecture), for people with physical disabilities as a result of traffic accidents or other mishaps. The centers provide a wide range of services, including physical rehabilitation, occupational therapy, and socialization training. Our comprehensive range of human welfare and rehabilitation services makes a positive contribution to the lives of members in need of help.Cultural ActivitiesIn order to convey the spirit of cooperation, the so-called “mutual assistance” to elementary and junior high school students, nurture creativity, and let as many people as possible feel the importance of traffic safety through raising awareness of the Japanese culture of calligraphy and art education, Zenkyoren has sponsored calligraphy and traffic-safety poster contests to help to reduce traffic accidents.In fiscal 2011 we held our 55th calligraphy contest and our 40th traffic safety poster contest. Both contests are the largest of their kind. Students across the country submitted over 1,400,000 entries to the calligraphy contest and more than 150,000 entries to the traffic safety poster contest.  ANNUAL REPORT 2012 11