IntroductionNearly two and a half years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake, which caused such enormous damage. Once again, we would like to offer our condolences to all those affected by this disaster.As a member of the JA Group, Zenkyoren has worked toward the recovery and reconstruction of the disaster-affected regions, while committing every effort to deliver claims payments and security to its policyholders as quickly as possible.As a result, total claims paid amounted to over ¥940 billion. These claims were paid out from premiums received from policyholders, and policy reserves funded by those premiums. We believe that this result demonstrates the true worth of our business activities, which are closely rooted in communities, as well as the fruition of our business philosophy of “Mutual aid.”Zenkyoren will continue its efforts to establish an even stronger position to ensure we are able to fulfill those responsibilities, even in the event of another major disaster.For more than 60 years since commencing business activities, Zenkyoren has conducted business with the aim of expanding its circle of mutual assistance. Guided by this principle of “Mutual aid,” Zenkyoren will advance communities and bring security and satisfaction to its members and policyholders by continuing to provide comprehensive coverage of life, homes and automobiles, and ensure sound management, with the view to conducting business activities in good faith.Fiscal 2012 Initiatives and Future Business DevelopmentsBusiness DevelopmentsIn terms of business developments in fiscal 2012, we continued our efforts to establish our coverage inspection program through follow-up visits to all members and policyholders. We were also rigorous in renewing policies which were expiring and in strengthening our efforts to promote our services among new policyholders.As a result, over three years we have made in-person visits to a total of 8,740,000 households, while the number of new policyholders has grown to 554,000 individuals.By using our coverage inspection program to ensure we provide total coverage, enhancing our efforts to reach out to the next generation as well as to our core policyholders, and by strengthening activities targeting non-insured people, Zenkyoren will continue working toward its goal of providing complete coverage to all of our members and policyholders.Enhancing Service and ReliabilityTo enable us to provide prompt service through a more streamlined clerical process, we conducted a review of our underwriting and claims payment system. In addition, a board of review made up of doctors and attorneys evaluates the appropriateness of insurance payments, while a separate committee meets monthly to ensure the managerial framework for administering claims payments is being managed properly.MESSAGE FROM MANAGEMENTZenkyoren Will Continue to Deliver Security and Satisfaction Closely Rooted in Communities Based on the Principle of Mutual AidANNUAL REPORT 201302