Insurance Products DevelopmentZenkyoren revised some insurance products in an effort to better meet the needs for nursing care and financial asset formation. We will continue working to provide attractive, easily understood products that accurately reflect the needs of our various members and policyholders.Social Contribution ActivitiesWe continued to implement the Community Safety and Security Project, an initiative to reduce traffic accidents in communities, with the aim of helping to build regional societies where people can lead comfortable lives with greater security, and to provide assistance in rebuilding transportation safety infrastructure, in areas afflicted by the Great East Japan Earthquake.Asset Management InitiativesZenkyoren continued its efforts to maintain and enhance a long-term, stable earnings base while improving profitability, securing a net investment profit of ¥862.6 billion as a result.For fiscal 2013, Zenkyoren will maintain its basic policy of investing primarily in Japanese Government Bonds and other yen-denominated fixed-income assets of high credit quality. At the same time we also invested in equities, while practicing thorough risk management, as a means of enhancing profitability.Initiatives to Ensure Sound ManagementTo ensure payment of claims in the event of another major natural disaster, we have increased our provision for contingency reserves, while at the same time enhancing our ability to collateralize risk by setting aside reserves for price fluctuations. Our solvency margin ratio, an index of sound management, stands at 708.8%.Preparing for Major Natural DisastersTo ensure prompt payment of claims in the event of a major natural disaster, JA and Zenkyoren are working together to build a comprehensive claims assessment structure. We are also working to formulate a business continuity plan to take effect in the event of a major natural disaster, and moving ahead to build back-up systems and other infrastructure.In ClosingIn promoting its business, Zenkyoren continues to fulfill its responsibility to explain its products through face-to-face interaction, and to provide comprehensive security and service. In addition, by conducting business carefully and in good faith under rigorous standards of compliance, we will help to ensure that our members and policyholders can build comfortable, secure lives for themselves and their communities.August 2013SHUNICHIRO YASUTAChairman of the Supervisory BoardYOSHINORI YOKOIPresident of the Board of DirectorsANNUAL REPORT 201303