Organizational Structure of the JA Group9.8 Million Membersas of March 31, 2012703 Agricultural Cooperatives(Primary Societies)as of July 1, 2013CHUOKAIPrefectural Unions ofAgricultural CooperativesKOSEIRENPrefecturalWelfare Federations ofAgricultural CooperativesZENKORENNationalWelfare Federation ofAgricultural CooperativesKEIZAIRENPrefecturalEconomic Federations ofAgricultural CooperativesSHINRENPrefectural Credit Federations of Agricultural CooperativesZENKYORENNational Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural CooperativesZEN-NOHNational Federation of Agricultural Cooperative AssociationsNORINCHUKIN BANKCentral Cooperative Bank for Agriculture, Forestry and FisheriesZENCHUCentral Union ofAgricultural CooperativesGuidanceMarketingandPurchasingCreditInsuranceWelfareLocal LevelPrefectural LevelNational LevelOrganizational Structure of ZenkyorenBasic Policy on Building an Internal Control SystemWith its business activities rooted in its philosophy of mutual aid, Zenkyoren’s mission is to continually respond to the trust and expectations of its members and policyholders by providing security and satisfaction. To achieve this mission, Zenkyoren considers compliance with applicable laws and regulations, its Articles of Association and other bylaws a fundamental part of its management approach and undertakes a number of initiatives to ensure its business is conducted appropriately. One specific measure is the establishment, by its Supervisory Board, of a Basic Policy on Building a Zenkyoren Internal Control System, under which said internal control system is being structured and run appropriately.General MeetingorRepresentative MeetingBoard of AuditorsSupervisory BoardBoard of DirectorsANNUAL REPORT 201305