ProfileZenkyoren (National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives) was founded in 1951 to create “Mutual aid” through cooperation under the motto “One for all, all for one.” The JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperatives) Group, to which Zenkyoren belongs, conducts a variety of businesses and provides a wide range of services through its societies (agricultural cooperatives). Zenkyoren is responsible for the JA insurance business. The fundamental goal of Zenkyoren is to assist members and policyholders in establishing stable and secure farming and higher standards of living by insuring them against accidental loss of life and property damage. We meet this goal by offering both life and non-life insurance. Zenkyoren continues to strengthen cooperative relationships with local agricultural cooperatives (primary societies) to provide members and policyholders with improved services and a greater sense of security.ZENKYOREN’S VISIONMeasures to Achieve the Zenkyoren Three-Year Business Plan For Fiscal 2013 – 2015Zenkyoren aims to further expand operations based on viewpoints of members and policyholders. To this end, it has set the following basic direction in its three-year business plan for fiscal 2013 – 2015:n Further expand unique JA insurance business activities rooted in the communityn Strengthen Zenkyoren’s guidance and support functions for JA and increase management efficiencyCONTENTS1Principal Business Indicators2Message from Management4JA Group7The Great East Japan Earthquake and Zenkyoren’s Response8Zenkyoren’s BUSINESSES12GLOBAL INITIATIVES14Social Responsibilities15Business Operations18Balance Sheets19Income Statements20Zenkyoren INFORMATIONRegarding fractional figure processingn Fractions in both yen and dollar amounts and the number of policies have been rounded down.n Fractions in component ratios and year-on-year comparisons have been rounded off.Main Strategies for Fiscal 2014In fiscal 2014, we will work on the following initiatives as the key measures in the interim year of Zenkyoren’s three-year business plan.1. Promote business activities rooted in the communityDevelop area strategies by JA based on local characteristicsStrengthen the coverage inspection program through follow-up visits to all members and policyholders Further expand interaction with non-insured people, the next generation, and younger age groups2. Improve member and policyholder satisfactionStrengthen capabilities for responding to member and policyholder needsBuild a claims assessment system that will be completely effective even in the event of major disastersDevelop social contribution activities rooted in the community3. Implement organizational reformsStrengthen functions for providing guidance and support to JADevelop bases for the broad regional coverage of underwriting and claims assessments for life insurance policies