TypeItemLONG-TERM INSURANCE(five or more years)SHORT-TERM INSURANCE(less than five years)LIFE INSURANCEComprehensive Life Insurance• Whole Life Insurance• Endowment Life Insurance• Term Life Insurance• Annuity Insurance• Children’s Insurance• Medical Insurance• Cancer Insurance• Nursing Care Insurance• Group Term Life Insurance• Fixed-Amount Life InsuranceNON-LIFE INSURANCEBuilding Endowment Insurance• Automobile Insurance• Automobile Liability Insurance• Fire Insurance• Cooperative-Owned Building Fire Insurance• Personal Accident Insurance• Liability Insurance• Volunteer Comprehensive InsuranceInsurance Offered*Main payments since 1995Nov. 2014:Nagano Kamishiro Fault Earthquake 5,126 claims, ¥5.6 billionOct. 2014:Typhoon No. 18 (Phanfone) and No. 19 (Vongfong)19,838 claims, ¥7.0 billionAug. 2014:Heavy rainfalls accompanying Typhoon No. 11 (Halong) and No. 12 (Nakri)15,321 claims, ¥6.5 billionMain payments in FY2014123Mar. 2011:The Great East Japan Earthquake679,417 claims, ¥933.5 billionFY2013: Snow damage from Nov. 2013 to Mar. 2014158,143 claims, ¥73.4 billionOct. 2004:The Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake87,659 claims, ¥77.3 billionJan. 1995:The Great Hanshin Earthquake101,535 claims, ¥118.8 billionSep. 2004:Typhoon No. 18 (Songda)284,560 claims, ¥108.3 billionSep. 1999:Typhoon No. 18 (Bart)180,030 claims, ¥63.8 billionMain payments in the past123456112233456Building Endowment Insurance Payments (Claims paid for natural disasters)ANNUAL REPORT 201509