Human Resource DevelopmentZenkyoren’s Human Resource Development Guidelines are aimed at fostering people capable of meeting the expectations and earning the trust of members/policyholders in local communities. Under these guidelines we are working to develop employees who share the Zenkyoren philosophy and bring specialized skills and knowledge to their respective fields.The Makuhari Training CenterZenkyoren’s Makuhari Training Center (founded in 2006) is a facility that provides comprehensive training relevant to the operations of Zenkyoren, such as in automobile, property and medical-related insurance in addition to general training in the insurance business.Training FacilitiesThe Makuhari Training Center has classrooms for various types of training courses, such as small group discussions and lectures for a large number of trainees, and classrooms and exhibition rooms for trainees to effectively learn expertise and skills in Comprehensive Life Insurance, Building Endowment Insurance, and Automobile Insurance.Online NetworkZenkyoren’s operations span the whole of Japan. Accordingly, we process data from across the country at a computer center housing high-performance and secure ICT facilities, with the aim of delivering necessary services to policyholders and enhancing the speed with which policies are processed.The online network we have built linking operations nationwide promotes efficient, streamlined operations and allows for communication in real-time between JA and members/policyholders throughout Japan.DOMESTIC INITIATIVESKawasaki Center, KanagawaIshioka Center, IbarakiMakuhari Training Center, ChibaA training aid for medical knowledgeA training aid for housesA training aid for automobilesANNUAL REPORT 201513