Initiatives for Upgrading Policyholder ServicesTo strengthen our capability for responding to policyholders, we conducted a new JA Kyosai Customer Satisfaction Survey at 106 local JA and developed activities for improving policyholder satisfaction based on the survey results. At the same time, we also conducted service improvement campaigns in our operations for assessing damage from automobile accidents.Initiatives for Implementing the JA Insurance Business Council’s RecommendationsIn May 2012, Zenkyoren’s JA Insurance Business Council issued recommendations based on two central themes: 1) to further expand distinctly JA insurance business activities rooted in the community and 2) for Zenkyoren to strengthen its guidance and support functions for JA and increase management efficiency.To reform Zenkyoren’s organization, we launched human resource training initiatives aimed at strengthening our functions for providing JA with guidance and support. At the same time, in April 2014 we opened operation centers consolidating life insurance claims assessment functions on a prefectural scale in the Hokuriku and Tokai regions. Within fiscal 2015, we will build bases providing broader geographical coverage of life insurance claims assessment functions throughout Japan.We are also monitoring the Tokai region, where we launched a pilot operation, to advance our reorganizational plans for broadening the geographical coverage of our bases for insurance underwriting.We are also reexamining the division of functions between JA and Zenkyoren, in our framework for assessing damage from automobile accidents, to introduce a new structure in phases whereby Zenkyoren will be responsible for the damage assessment operations.Meanwhile, our other business and data processing systems are being overhauled to reduce the clerical burden on JA and improve the service we provide policyholders. Starting in fiscal 2016, we will begin the introduction of new paperless and cashless business procedures in phases, along with other upgrades.In ClosingFor more than 60 years since commencing business activities, we have conducted business with the aim of expanding our circle of mutual assistance.Under the philosophy of “Mutual aid,” we will deepen roots centered on agriculture in communities and bring security and satisfaction to our members and policyholders by continuing to provide comprehensive coverage of life, homes and automobiles, and ensure sound management with the view to conducting business activities in good faith.August 2015Kotaro IchimuraChairman of the Supervisory BoardTamotsu ShozuiPresident of the Board of DirectorsANNUAL REPORT 201503