Organizational Structure of the JA Group10.1 Million Membersas of March 31, 2014679 ‌Primary Societies (JA)as of July 1, 2015CHUOKAIPrefectural Unions ofAgricultural CooperativesKOSEIRENPrefecturalWelfare Federations ofAgricultural CooperativesZENKORENNationalWelfare Federation ofAgricultural CooperativesKEIZAIRENPrefecturalEconomic Federations ofAgricultural CooperativesSHINRENPrefectural Credit Federations of Agricultural CooperativesZENKYORENNational Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural CooperativesZEN-NOHNational Federation of Agricultural Cooperative AssociationsTHE NORINCHUKIN BANKCentral Cooperative Bank for Agriculture, Forestry and FisheriesZENCHUCentral Union ofAgricultural CooperativesGuidanceMarketingandPurchasingCreditInsuranceWelfareLocal LevelPrefectural LevelNational LevelCHUOKAI — ZENCHUChuokai and Zenchu make agricultural policy proposals, provide training, audits and guidance to JA, conduct publicity activities and collaborate with international organizations.KEIZAIREN — ZEN-NOHKeizairen and Zen-Noh conduct marketing and purchasing operations. Marketing involves delivering agricultural and livestock products produced by farmers to consumers. Purchasing involves supplying members with materials needed to manage farms and daily necessities.SHINREN — THE NORINCHUKIN BANKShinren and The Norinchukin Bank provide members and local residents with financial services such as savings, loans and exchange businesses.ZENKYORENGuided by its business philosophy of “Mutual aid,” Zenkyoren provides comprehensive coverage of life, homes and automobiles.KOSEIREN — ZENKORENKoseiren and Zenkoren set up and operate hospitals and clinics, along with providing members and local residents with health checkups and health maintenance activities, as well as nursing care services.ANNUAL REPORT 201505