Management SystemZenkyoren’s ManagementBasic PolicyZenkyoren adopted its Supervisory Board system with the aim of creating an executive structure capable of adapting exibly to changes in the business environment. It also established several committees, including the Compliance Committee and the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Committee, to strengthen its governance organization.Decision-making SystemDecision-making is basically administered under the Representative Meeting structure.Governance OrganizationNote: The General Meeting is made up of regular members and is the Zenkyoren’s highest decision-making organ. The Representative Meeting is an alternative decision-making body consisting of elected representatives.General Meeting/Representative MeetingSupervisory BoardBoard of DirectorsBoard of AuditorsDecisions on important matters, including basic policies for the activities of ZenkyorenDecisions on important matters, including policies governing the performance of business operationsAuditing of the performance of duties carried out by the Supervisory Board and Board of Directors12Annual Report 2016


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