Health Care and Social ActivitiesZenkyoren considers its insurance business (provision of coverage) and social contribution activities (prevention of accidents and mutual aid activities after an accident) to be inseparable. Therefore, Zenkyoren conducts a host of social contribution activities aimed at promoting better health and well-being of its members and others in the community.Health CareTo help our members enjoy better health and longer lives, Zenkyoren promotes health exams and medical checkups aimed at the early detection of disease. Members can obtain information and advice from the Zenkyoren Health Care and Nursing Care Helpline. We also organize campaigns aimed at raising awareness of health issues and encouraging members to follow healthier lifestyles. We also provide support for health-oriented activities, such as the “Rainbow Exercise” program that we developed.Traf c Safety Course for Senior CitizensIn light of the increasing number of traf c accidents that involve senior citizens, Zenkyoren promotes the education of senior citizens in traf c safety measures toreduce the incidence of such traf c accidents. Since the aging trend is more prominent in farming communities than in urban communities, we provide a traf c safety course that combines exercises easy enough for anyone, and laughter too, based on our newly developed original programs for senior citizens, “Traf c Safety Rainbow Exercise” and “Traf c Safety Comic Monologue.” Since 2008 we have been offering advice on safe driving, using special vehicles equipped with driving simulators based at seven locations around the country. Participants can learn the do’s and don’ts of safe driving through simulations of situations with a high accident probability.Cultural ActivitiesIn order to convey the spirit of cooperation, to elementary and junior high school students, nurture creativity, and let as many people as possible feel the importance of traf c safety through raising awareness of the Japanese culture of calligraphy and art education, Zenkyoren has sponsored calligraphy and traf c safety poster contests to help to reduce traf c accidents. Our 59th calligraphy contest and our 44th traf c safety poster contest held in scal 2015 were the largest of their kind. Students across the country submitted over 1,390,000 entries to the calligraphy contest and more than 160,000 entries to the traf c safety poster contest.Reborn Campaign—Protecting the Global Environment—Zenkyoren is helping to protect the global environment and ensure effective use of resources by promoting the use of reconditioned or recycled parts instead of new products to repair damaged motor vehicles. These activities focus on general repairs and repairs made during vehicle safety inspections.Community Contribution ActivitiesZenkyoren’s Rainbow ExerciseDriving simulationTraf c safety poster contest16Annual Report 2016


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