Short-Term Insurance, Claims PaidFY2013FY2014FY2015Type of Insurance(¥ Million) (¥ Million) (¥ Million) (US$ Thousand)Fire Insurance¥ 5,106¥ 5,307¥ 5,155$ 45,749Automobile Insurance214,376 208,634 199,0181,766,222Personal Accident Insurance8,154 7,812 7,55967,083Group Term Life Insurance12,787 12,506 12,874114,252Automobile Liability Insurance41,850 41,977 41,623369,391Others2,953 3,240 3,21328,514Total¥285,227¥279,480¥269,446$2,391,249Note: Cooperative-Owned Building Fire Insurance, Fixed-Amount Life Insurance, and Liability Insurance are included in “Others.”Breakdown of Claims Paid in Fiscal 2015Note: The total amount includes insurance claims paid by the national federation such as Corporate Pension Insurance.Value of Actual Net AssetsAs of March 31, 2016, Zenkyoren had actual net assets valued at ¥18,653 billion, maintaining a high ratio to total assets of 33.4%.FY2013FY2014FY2015(¥ Billion) (¥ Billion) (¥ Billion) (US$ Million)Value of Actual Net Assets¥11,910¥14,586¥18,653$165,541Ratio to Total Assets22.7%26.9%33.4%Note: The value of actual net assets is one of the indicators to recognize broad capital, which is calculated by subtracting liabilities after deduction of items regarded as capital (reserves for price uctuations, or contingency, etc) from the fair value of assets.Accumulation of Ample Liability ReservesZenkyoren accumulates the liability reserves necessary for future insurance payments which is the highest level of reserves. Furthermore, from the standpoint of achieving a sounder nancial position and responding to inverted spreads, Zenkyoren provisions the accumulation of additional liability reserves against certain Comprehensive Life Insurance contracts and Building Endowment Insurance contracts. Also, Zenkyoren each year accumulates funds to build liability reserves and carries out reinsurance for unforeseen crises and natural catastrophic events.FY2013FY2014FY2015(¥ Trillion) (¥ Trillion) (¥ Trillion) (US$ Billion)Liability Reserves¥46.6¥47.7¥49.4$439Total¥3,423 billionPayments for Comprehensive Life Insurance at maturity49.6%Others3.2%Payments for Building Endowment Insurance at maturity22.7%Payments for damage covered by Building Endowment Insurance3.6%Payments for damage covered by Automobile Insurance5.8%Payments for risks covered by Comprehensive Life Insurance15.1%21Annual Report 2016


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