Zenkyoren InformationHistory1947• Agricultural Cooperative Society Law enacted1948• Agricultural Cooperative Insurance business started in Hokkaido1951• National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives (Zenkyoren) established• Launched operation of Cooperative-Owned Building Fire Insurance1952• Launched operation of Endowment Life Insurance1953• Launched operation of Building Endowment Insurance1955• Launched operation of Fire Insurance1958• Completed establishment of 46 Prefectural Federations, one for each of the prefectures in Japan (with the exception of Okinawa)1961• Launched operation of Children’s Insurance1962• Launched operation of Group Term Life Insurance1963• Launched operation of Automobile Insurance1964• Joined the insurance committee of the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)1966• Launched operation of mandatory Automobile Liability Insurance1969• Opened Atsugi Staff Training Center in Kanagawa Prefecture• Launched operation of Personal Accident Insurance1972• Established Okinawa Prefectural Federation• International Cooperative Insurance Federation (ICIF) was derived from ICA and Zenkyoren became a member of ICIF1973• Opened Nakaizu and Beppu Rehabilitation Centers in Shizuoka Prefecture and Oita Prefecture1974• Online network system between National Federation and Prefectural Federations went into operation• Launched operation of long-term Life Insurance1980 • Launched operation of Agricultural Machinery Insurance• Launched operation of Agricultural Machinery Endowment Insurance1981• Launched operation of Annuity Insurance1983• Launched operation of Whole Life Insurance1984• Opened Zenkyoren Automotive Training Center in Kanagawa Prefecture• Asia and Oceania Association (AOA) was set up as a regional association of ICIF1985• Opened Zenkyoren Osaka Center in Osaka Prefecture1988• Established Zenkyoren Asset Management of America Inc.1989• Launched operation of Liability Insurance• Online network system for local Agricultural Cooperatives went into operation• Established Zenkyoren Europe Limited1990• Launched operation of Group Endowment Insurance1992• ICA/ICIF held International Congress in Tokyo1993• ICIF changed its structure and was renamed ICMIF(International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation)1994• Set up Health Care Helpline• Opened Ishioka Center in Ibaraki Prefecture2000• National and Prefectural Federations integrated2001• Formed business alliance with the Kyoei Fire & Marine Insurance Company, Limited2002• Launched Zenkyoren Happy & Dream Club (membership club for policyholders)• Launched operation of Cancer Insurance• Launched operation of De ned Contribution Annuity Insurance• Supervisory Board System introduced2003• Kyoei Fire & Marine Insurance Company became a subsidiary• Launched operation of Medical Insurance2004• Opened Kawasaki Center in Kanagawa Prefecture• AOA’s 20th anniversary event held in Tokyo2005• Opened Zenkyoren East and West Japan Underwriting Centers in Kanagawa Prefecture and Osaka Prefecture• Insurance Agency system introduced2006• Opened Makuhari Training Center in Chiba Prefecture2007• Launched the 3Q Visit Project (follow-up visits to all members and policyholders)2008• Launched operation of a new type of single-premium Endowment Life Insurance2009• Launched operation of New Medical Insurance2010• Insurance Contract Law (new) enforced2012• International Year of Cooperatives2013• Launched operation of Nursing Care Insurance2014• Operation Centers launched in the Hokuriku and Tokai regions2015• Completed establishment of Operation Centers24Annual Report 2016


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