[SLOGAN]Support for Rural Farming and Livelihoods in the Spirit of Mutual Aid[POLICIES]• We will strengthen our links with existing members and policyholders and cultivate new relationships.• We will work to improve business ef ciency and develop structures to provide long-term security.VisionInitiatives under the Zenkyoren Three-year Business Plan (Fiscal 2016-2018)1. Reinforcement of JA insurance system implementation to ensure a solid business foundation• The development of community-focused business activities and the improvement of business promotion capabilities through area strategies• Improvement of services to raise policyholder satisfaction• Reinforcement of support to JAs and establishment of support structures through Zenkyoren2. Contribution to community revitalization and the farming business through JA insurance business• Community revitalization through expanded community contribution initiatives• Expansion of farming business contribution initiatives• Development of activities that contribute to the development of agriculture in conjunction with JA Group initiatives3. Realization of Zenkyoren reforms and provision of long-term soundness and reliability• Improvement of business ef ciency and improvement of specialist capabilities through a sustained commitment to the Zenkyoren reform program• Improvement of soundness and reliability as the foundations for long-term securityZenkyoren will continue to protect the livelihoods of members and policyholders and contribute to the development of agriculture and regional communities through the long-term development of business activities and effective adaption to change in the business environment, while also maintaining a strong integrated administrative structure with JAs.7Annual Report 2016


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