bacbdefacBusiness OverviewBasic PolicyZenkyoren’s mission is to help members and policyholders achieve peace of mind by providing wide-ranging cover against various risks affecting their lives. Zenkyoren helps policyholders to maintain their living standards by offering comprehensive coverage of life, homes and automobiles to suit their goals and life plans.Comprehensive Life InsuranceBuilding Endowment InsuranceAutomobile InsurancenBreakdown of Long-Term Insurance, Policies in Force (FY2016)nBreakdown of Short-Term Insurance, New Business (FY2016)n Whole Life Insurance¥81 trillionn Endowment Life Insurance¥38 trillionn Others (Comprehensive Life Insurance)¥6 trillionn Building Endowment Insurance¥142 trillionn Others¥0.01 trillionn Fire Insurance¥12 billionn Automobile Insurance¥281 billionn Personal Accident Insurance¥9 billionn Group Term Life Insurance¥21 billionn Automobile Liability Insurance¥68 billionn Others¥6 billion22.0 millionPolicies10.6 millionPolicies8.2 millionPoliciesComprehensive Life Insurance¥125 trillionLong-Term Insurance, Policies in Force ¥267 trillionShort-Term Insurance, New Business ¥398 billionnBuilding Endowment Insurance Payment(Claims paid for natural disasters)Main payments in FY2016aOct. 2016 : Tottori-ken Chubu Earthquake 12,243 claims, ¥8.5 billionbApr. 2016 : Kumamoto Earthquake 89,789 claims, ¥145.0 billioncSept. 2016 : Typhoon No.16 (Malakas) 18,174 claims, ¥7.0 billionMain payments in the past since 1995aMar. 2011: The Great East Japan Earthquake 682,486 claims, ¥936.1 billionbFY2013: Snow damage from Nov. 2013 to Mar. 2014 171,891 claims, ¥80.4 billioncOct. 2004: The Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake 87,659 claims, ¥77.3 billiondJan. 1995: The Great Hanshin Earthquake 101,535 claims, ¥118.8 billioneSep. 2004: Typhoon No.18 (Songda) 284,560 claims, ¥108.3 billionfSep. 1999: Typhoon No.18 (Bart) 180,030 claims, ¥63.8 billion(As of March 31, 2017)(Amount Insured)(Premiums)Insurance BusinessesAnnual Report 201708

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