60,00055,6300FY2012FY2013FY2014FY2015FY201650,00040,00030,00020,00010,000Public and corporate bonds83.6%Foreign securities7.9%Equities2.2%Other securities2.1%Loans1.9%Real estate investments0.6%Cash, bank deposits, and call loans1.4%Miscellaneous items0.3%Business OverviewAsset Management and ReinsuranceBasic PolicyMost of Zenkyoren’s liabilities are liability reserves at xed long-term interest rates because the main products are long-term insurance policies with predetermined xed rates of return.To secure funds for paying claims and other insurance refunds in the future, Zenkyoren invests mainly in xed income assets (public and corporate bonds, and loans) denominated in yen. In order to enhance protability, it also invests in some equities.Also Zenkyoren each year accumulates funds to build liability reserves and makes use of reinsurance for unforeseen crises and natural catastrophic events.Working AssetsLiability Reserves¥55,630 billion¥51,242 billionnWorking AssetsnBreakdown of Working Assets(¥ Billion)(As of March 31, 2017)10Annual Report 2017

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