To enable residents of local communities to live in good health with a sense of securityHealth Care and Social ActivitiesZenkyoren considers its insurance business (provision of coverage) and social contribution activities (prevention of accidents and mutual aid activities after an accident) to be inseparable. Therefore, Zenkyoren conducts a host of social contribution activities aimed at promoting better health and well-being of its members and others in the community.Health Management and Promotion ActivitiesZenkyoren engages in nursing care and welfare activities, including health management and promotion activities, to assist members and other residents in leading healthy and active lives.nRainbow Exercise ProgramThis was developed by Zenkyoren to enable people to avoid illness and promote health while doing fun exercises in time with music.■Laughter and Health ClassesWe hold classes in this program that promotes health through laughter.■Health Care and Nursing Care HelplineA full-time staff accepts inquiries by toll-free telephone on topics such as health, childrearing, and nursing care.Disaster Relief and Reconstruction AssistanceZenkyoren supports policyholders in rebuilding their lives through relief activities for policyholders who have suffered damage due to res and natural disasters.■Distribution of disaster-relief tarpaulinsWe distribute disaster-relief tarpaulins to policyholders whose homes have been damaged due to natural disasters and res free of charge through JAs.■Provision of temporary housingWe provide temporary housing to policyholders who can no longer reside in their homes due to res and natural disasters free of charge for eight months.Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Assistance■Creation of an endowed chair at a universityWe have created an endowed chair on the subject of disaster reconstruction and the rural social economy in the Tohoku region.■Support for the Tohoku Youth OrchestraWe support the activities of an orchestra made up of children from areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.Community Contribution ActivitiesRainbow exerciseDisaster-relief tarpaulinTohoku Youth OrchestraA service dog demonstration16Annual Report 2017

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