Trafc Accident Prevention Measures and Social Reintegration AssistanceZenkyoren engages in various activities with the aim of helping realize a society free of trafc accidents, including trafc accident prevention measures and assistance for trafc accident victims.For Children■Anpanman Trafc Safety CampaignThe Anpanman Trafc Safety Campaign tours nationwide and puts on a fun show based on a popular animated character to teach trafc rules to small children.■Parent-child trafc safety musicalWe hold trafc safety classes in musical format all over Japan.For Students■Bicycle trafc safety classesWe hold trafc safety classes for junior and senior high school students, such as demonstrations of trafc accidents caused by dangerous bicycle riding.For Seniors■Trafc safety classesWe hold trafc safety classes and driving simulations for seniors to prevent trafc accidents involving this age group.Provision of Trafc Safety MoviesWe provide online videos for learning about trafc safety for both elementary students and seniors.Social Reintegration Assistance for Trafc Accident Victims■Initiatives for training and promoting acceptance of service dogsWe support training and promoting acceptance of service dogs to aid the everyday lives of persons with limb disabilities caused by trafc accidents. ■Rehabilitation center for social reintegration assistanceWe have opened rehabilitation centers in Nakaizu, Shizuoka Prefecture and Beppu, Oita Prefecture to provide social reintegration assistance to persons with physical disabilities caused by trafc accidents.Cultural Assistance and Environmental Conservation ActivitiesZenkyoren places importance on spiritual enrichment and bonding among community residents and engages in cultural assistance activities to impart a spirit of supporting one another.■Calligraphy and trafc safety poster contestsWe hold calligraphy and trafc safety poster contests to increase interest in trafc safety among elementary and junior high school students and foster a spirit of cooperation and consideration. ■Reborn CampaignTo promote the effective use of resources and protection of the global environment, we engage in awareness activities concerning the use of reconditioned or recycled parts to repair damaged motor vehicles and the overall importance of automobile maintenance and repair.Trafc safety musicalDemonstration of trafc accident by stunt menCalligraphy and poster contests17Annual Report 2017

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