The JA Group is carrying out initiatives to increase farmer incomes, expand agricultural production, and revitalize rural communities, goals adopted at the 27th National Congress of Agricultural Cooperatives in October 2015. The JA Group formulated the JA Group’s initiatives and Proposals for Realizing More Appealing Agriculture and Farming Communities in September 2016 and is implementing self-reform initiatives centered on strengthening its farming support, marketing, and purchasing businesses.Overview of Business Activities in Fiscal 2016In scal 2016 (the year ended March 31, 2017), the rst year of the Zenkyoren three-year business plan being executed under the slogan “Support for Rural Farming and Livelihoods in the Spirit of Mutual Aid,” Zenkyoren reinforced implementation of the JA insurance system to ensure a solid business foundation, enhanced initiatives that contribute to community revitalization and the farming business through JA insurance business, and worked to realize Zenkyoren reforms and ensure long-term soundness and reliability. Specically, we engaged in meticulous community-focused sales promotion activities through the implementation of strategies adapted to the regional characteristics of each local-level JA. We also began working in April 2016 to further enhance policyholder convenience and reduce the clerical burden on JAs by converting to paperless and cashless application procedures for comprehensive life insurance policies utilizing tablet PCs. Following the centralization of life insurance claims assessment functions into eight locations, completed in October 2015, we have continued the strengthening of the Zenkyoren organization through reorganizing business functions across prefectural divisions. In October 2016, we nished the centralization of underwriting functions. We also reviewed the roles of JAs and Zenkyoren with respect to automobile insurance damage assessment operations, and sequentially transferred JA operations to Zenkyoren.Closing RemarksSince the inception of JA insurance business, we have expanded the circle of mutual assistance in local communities and worked to create prosperous communities where people can live with a sense of security under the principle of mutual aid. We will continue to provide comprehensive coverage of life, homes and automobiles and engage in good-faith business activities through sound management so that we can deliver security and satisfaction to members and policyholders as an organization of community-based cooperatives focused on food and agriculture.August 2017Annual Report 201703

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