Business of the JA GroupThe JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperatives) Group, to which Zenkyoren belongs, is a national organization of farmers established in accordance with the Agricultural Cooperative Society Law. Based on a spirit of mutual aid, the JA Group undertakes cooperative business and other activities, for the purpose of enhancing agricultural operations and improving the standard of living among farmers. The JA Group provides its members with ve essential services: insurance, guidance, credit, marketing and purchasing, and welfare.Structure of the JA GroupThe agricultural cooperative system previously featured a three-tiered structure organized on local, prefectural and national levels. Under this system, prefectural federations provided local primary societies (JAs) with supplementary functions, by conducting activities that the JAs themselves were unable to perform. The national federation provided complementary functions to support the prefectural federations and JAs, and make the Group’s activities more effective.To cope with intensied global competition, the JA Group is reforming the organization and its business operations, with the aim of further improving agricultural operations and the living standard of farmers in years to come. Integration of prefectural and national federations and the consolidation of local JAs are being encouraged as a way to enhance the functionality and effectiveness of the organizational structure.Function of JA Insurance BusinessJA insurance business offers products and services designed to protect members’ and policyholders’ well-being, provide nancial security, and improve their lifestyles. In April 2000, Zenkyoren (then a national federation only) merged with all prefectural insurance federations, thus forming a two-tiered operation with each tier performing distinct functions.Who is the JA Group?The power of cooperatives: bringing prosperity to agriculture and communitiesAnnual Report 201704

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