The Zenkyoren WayMissionJAs and Zenkyoren jointly support insurance services.Local-level JAs and Zenkyoren provide members and policyholders with a sense of security by collaborating to underwrite and administer insurance policies.Members/PolicyholdersJA InsuranceZenkyorenJAsInsurance ContractsZenkyoren meets the trust and expectations of members and policyholders by providing security and satisfaction through business activities based on the philosophy of mutual aid that agricultural cooperatives strive for.Zenkyoren helps members and policyholders to secure and improve their living standards by providing comprehensive coverage of life, homes, and automobiles with the best security, price, and service.Zenkyoren contributes to the development of local communities where people can enjoy secure and affluent lives by actively pursuing its business activities.Links between Zenkyoren and Members/PolicyholdersAnnual Report 201706

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